Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another quilt down, 1/2 of one to go.

I finished up one more Yo-Yo Quilt last week. I am halfway finished with the third quilt. Christmas is almost halfway finished now!! Yippeee!!!! LOL!! I will have to work on getting my craft room up and running when I am done with this last quilt. I am going to need the room for my next quilt project!!

My husband is letting me have the front bedroom in this apartment as my "craft room", or "crap room" as he calls it. We are going to move out the computer desk and a dresser into the living room. We have been using this room as the computer room for a couple of years now and it is time for a change. Since we use the dresser for storage of computer and "office" stuff, it can go into the living room with the desk and computer.

We will move the other desk that is in the basement into the front bedroom so I can use it for my scrapbooking and cutting my fabric. I will also move my sewing machine and all of my craft totes into that room. Goodbye extra closet for jackets we don't use, and hello to stacking those nice wide three drawer totes full of craft supplies in there! Goodbye Halloween decorations which will be banished to the basement where they belong anyways! LOL Goodbye games that never get played because we can't get to them and hello shelf for other supplies, such as scrappbooking.

Any and all computer stuff leftinthe chest-on-chest will be banished to the living room so I can store all of my fabric in it. (I have a huge tote full of fabric and then some! LOL)

Once all this moving around is done, then I can start on a quilt for my granddaughter, who has informed me that "I have to make her a quilt". Hopefully, I will be able to get it done for Christmas as well. It iwll be a "Denim rag Quilt". Demin on the front and flannel on the back. I have never sewn denim before, so it might be a bit of a challange for me. At least I don't have to worry about the newest grandbaby yet. I still have a couple of years before I will "have to make a quilt" for him! LOL I do, hovwever, have to get busy and make the fleece blanket for him before he is born, so I guess I will be making that next before I start moving everything. That is only a two hour job, so it won't take too long to finish.

At least I have my sewing machine "marinating" in oil. I hadn't oiled it in probably close to a year, so I went ahead and oiled it down last week. I also fixed my grandmother's old Singer Featherweight 221K about a month ago. Everyone who quilts is on the hunt for one, and I haven't been able to use it in several years, as it had "frozen" up on me. I bought a book off of ebay on fixing it and now it runs like a dream again! Thank goodness I don't mind getting dirty and oily to fix things, huh? LOL Now I will be able to do some machine quilting when the time comes.

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