Friday, October 30, 2009

Another week come and gone...

Boy has this been a rough day. It is payday for all state and county employees. I have direct deposit and while checking my deposit of my paycheck, I realized that there is no way we have enough money to pay the mortgage, so it will be a week late and I hate it.

Other than that, the week has gone very well. I picked up my granddaughter yesterday from school, helped her do her homework (kindergarten homework is soooo hard! LOL), and fed her dinner.

I will be keeping her tomorrow as well. I first said no, but then my daughter called back and asked if I would just keep Samantha and not Joseph since he is running a fever. I guess the other grandma is keeping him. Samantha has already missed 6 days of school since it started because of really bad colds and running fevers, so we are trying to keep them far apart!

I should be picking up my husband, Tracy, tomorrow, so that will be nice. He has been out on the road for two weeks and last weeks check sucked. This weeks check sucked as well. Maybe next weeks will be better as he did manage to get a few more miles and did not have any cash advances.

I am worried about Christmas this year. We just do not have extra money to buy gifts this year. I think we may just end up buying for the grandkids and no one else. I don't think I will even be making my gifts-in-a-jar or gifts-in-a-mug this year nor baking any Christmas cookies. :(

Maybe things will ease up soon.

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