Friday, September 18, 2009

What a day!

Today has been a day from, well you get the idea. It all started when I went to my deep freeze to pull out something to thaw for my dinner. Almost everything in the freezer was already thawed out! I was so upset!!

I ended up throwing out about 2/3 of the meat in the freezer. Shrimp, steak, pork chops, ground beef, vegetables, etc. All wasted! I salvaged what was still frozen (near the bottom of the freezer) and put it the freezer on the fridge. The rest filled 2 garbage bags and I hauled it out to the garbage can. I could have cried!

I chipped away at all the ice build up in the bottom of the freezer, pulled out the drawer and the rest of the ice and put four sham wows in the bottom to soak up any water from the "big thaw" I was giving it.

I went off to work and got all the kids home and when I got home after a trip to the grocery store for milk and potatoes, I turned the freezer back on. It started right up! Yippee!! I turned it back off and will leave it off for now. I want to make sure it is totally thawed out and dried very well. Then I will start freezing empty milk cartons of water. If they freeze okay, then I can start shopping again once I have the money to fill the freezer back up. It hurt bad to lose all that food because it will months before we can afford to fill that freezer again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life on a Monday morning

Welcome to another week. It is Monday morning. I was up most of the night worrying about to pay some of my bills. And then the alarm goes off at 4:30 AM to make sure I am up to get ready for work.

I got all the kids on my bus to school about 5 minutes early today. I hit each and every light just right, which is unusual! LOL

I am now sitting here watching HGTV with all the home makeover shows. I love them. They give me way too many ideas when I have no money! LOL Thank goodness that when we go to "redo" the kitchen, all it will cost us is some cutting of paneling, a few nails (all the stuff we already have here so that is free), and the primer and paint. Since it is a rather small kitchen, it won't cost too terribly much to prime and paint. :) We have picked out a nice pale yellow, almost an almond color, but not quite.

I still want to paint the very back room, which will be my craft room. Actually, it already is my craft room, it is just filled up with stuff. Lots of stuff! I want to paint that paneling a nice light color as well. Tracy is having a fit about it, but he needs to get over it! Paneling is so out, and yet all the rooms seem to have it. I can handle the light colored paneling, hence the reason to paint the brown a nice light color. White would work well for me.

I have a crockpot full of pinto beans. Now the question is, do I turn those lovely beans into chili or do I bake some cornbread? Decisions...decisions...decisions! LOL I love both, so maybe I'll do both.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ahhh...another Sunday...

Well, Sunday has rolled around again. I have three loads of laundry hanging out on the clothesline to dry. I didn't feel like washing the sheets, so I will do those next weekend.

At least this Sunday there are coupons in the newspaper, but I have no money to go and buy anything we need. In fact, I need about $200 just to pay the electric bill. I wish my son-in-law would pay me, but he didn't get paid last week either. This economy is hurting all of us - badly. So why doesn't our wonderful government stop wasting money and help out the average person? Because they don't care, that is why!

I am also trying to mentally go through the meat in the freezer so I can figure out what to throw in the crockpot to feed me for the week. I refuse to bother with cooking every day when it is just me. I do a big meal when hubby is home, at least if he is home for more than one night and he isn't getting home too late in the evening! I made chicken and rice last week, so chicken is out! LOL Maybe another nice roast, although I do have a LOT of hamburger meat. Hmmm...maybe I should make a Shepherd's Pie...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Swag Bucks

I am trying a new search engine called Swag Bucks. Many of my friends are using it and say they win all kinds of gifts cards and other prizes. I have added a widget to this blog, so maybe you can win, too.

Swidget 1.0