Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you use myLot, you might want to rethink it...

I have been a member of myLot for well over a year now. I was having a good time on there starting discussions and making friends. A little over a month ago, I suddenly couldn't log on anymore and several of my discussions disappeared right before the login issues began. I have contacted myLot about 5-8 times and have NEVER gotten a response back. I am still in the system and can pull myself up and see that over the past couple of weeks I have had comments, etc., but there is nothing I can do about it because I cannot login.

I am just forewarning you that the people at myLot are immature and refuse to answer any emails sent to them. I have finally sent one last one telling them if they don't answer this one and either help me get logged back in or tell me why I was blocked, that I would go into all of my many blogs and let people know exactly how they treat their members.

I did not even bother to wait for a reply since it has been over a month and I have never gotten any kind of reply so far. I am telling all of my friends that myLot is a rip off and needs to be avoided like the plague!

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