Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving was great!

I had a very  nice Thanksgiving this year. Tracy was home to enjoy it with me. We went to Karen and Wayne's for dinner. I brought the homemade apple pie and some rolls. We all ate turkey, ham, mashed potatoes (I ate the ones with the mashed rutabagas! Yummy!), green beans, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, different breads, etc. We were all stuffed.

Friday, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend got into town. He is so sweet and nice. I hope this relationship is the one for her. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, they are up here for a week and we have lots to do. I  still have to drive the school bus for 2 days next week, as her sister is taking Monday and Tuesday off to spend with her, and I am taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to be with her. I know we have to make a trip to Concord Mills Mall so her boyfriend can go to the Bass Pro Shop.

My Avon business is slowly taking off. I have a few new customers and a few regulars now. I just wish I could get a few more. I have finally gotten a couple of my friends to actually place orders online at my website. If want to order from me, my website can be found here:

We have a special deal going on right on. You can buy the brand new Flip Camera for only $89!! That is an awesome deal. I am so excited by this deal. I already bought mine and I love it. It is so easy to use and I can upload the videos directly to Facebook, email, etc. I carry it with me all the time because it is so cool.

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