Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another day...

Today is another day. Today I feel like spending as much time munching out as possible, but I am not hungry. It must be boredom. Or lack of adult companionship! I haven't figured out which yet. LOL Having a hubby on the road all the time and friends who work full-time doesn't leave much adult time.

I just came back in from the back yard. I picked two more zucchini and sprayed my tomato plants down with a product to help them bloom and produce more tomatoes.

I have three tomato plants in a Tospy Turvy Tomato Tree. I am not real impressed with it. The tomato plants do not seem to do too well. I don't know if it is too much water or what but the leaves and stems seem to keep turning yellow and dying and I have only harvested a few tomatoes. Not worth the $50 I spent on the stupid thing. I did better growing tomatoes in pots!

I have a SASE in the mail today to a friend. She is going to be moving overseas before long and is sending me some of her seed stash. I don't have very many seeds so I don't have a stash worth sharing. I am hoping that in the future I will. I love this site though. I can find answers to all kind of questions and keep track of my plantings, both veggie, herb, flowers, etc. Whatever I want to grow. I can trade seeds with all kinds of people both near and far.

I put a roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I think I might just have to have some zucchini to go with it since I have a huge Tupperware bowl full of it! LOL I am working on trying to clean out the deep freezer. Granted it is the smallest chest style freezer, but I am trying to eat what it is in it. I just keep transferring food from it to the freezer in the fridge and then cooking from there. Of course, eventually I am going to have to find the money to go grocery shopping when it gets fairly empty again. But I will deal with that later when I have too. Of course, the kids don't know that there i two tubs of ice cream in there either! They need to finish up the ice cream sandwiches first! 4 Points each so I don't eat them unless I am really, REALLY craving them. Which I tend to crave ice cream A LOT! I also like the Weight Watchers Ice Cream Sandwiches, and they are only 2 Points, but I think I am going to go to ALDI tomorrow and get some of their Fit & Active brand ice cream sandwiches which are also 2 Points. And I can save a ton of money in the process! :)


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