Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday was the first day of school

Yesterday school started back in Burke County, NC. It was a very interesting day to say the least!

There have been many changes this year in the bus routes due to the fact that the schools have had to do a reversion of funds back to the state as the state cannot balance their budget so they are hurting the schools.

Needless to say, it has not only hurt the schools but the buses as well. They have had to cut about 700 miles a day off of routes, so many roads we used to travel are no longer being traveled. Many children are having to walk or be driven to a "central bus stop" for their area. This is making many parents very mad, but it is just a fact of life. Not all kids get to be picked up at their house. We are also not allowed to wait on a kids who are not standing at the bus stop or outside their house if that is the stop.

Most of the money that we do have for buses goes to our salaries and for fuel so parents are just going to have to get over themselves! If they lived in a big city, their kids would have to walk to to a centralized bus stop.

I still had to laugh during the afternoon route. While our school was right on time and all our kids were on the right buses and loads, listening to the other buses on the radio you could tell that they were not on the ball. Kids were lost on the wrong buses, on the wrong loads, etc. Between the bus garage, the schools and the drivers, the radio was jammed with calls nonstop. Now at my school, we left a little later than normal, but we asked each and every new student their address so as to make sure they had the right bus/load, etc. All was right in our little world! :)

My granddaughter actually starts her first day of school on Thursday as she is in Kindergarten and they stagger them in. She will be in before school and after school daycare due to mom and dad's work schedules. My daughter was to take her to the teacher parent conference yesterday, but instead, her mother-in-law had to take her. Long story short, my daughter had to take my grandson to the ER because the little invincible superman fell off the back of a chair onto some glass knick-knacks that was behind the chair (a very VERY tight space that he shouldn't have fit into anyways) and cut his ankle pretty bad. He ended up with three stitches in his ankle. Poor kids is not even 2 yet and has his first stitches.

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