Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ready for spring break

I am so ready for spring break. I will have the grand kids next week, but at least I won't have to get up 4:30 in the morning for a whole week! Plus my anniversary is Sunday the 19th. I am not sure what Tracy has up his sleeve for it, but as long as it is nice and quiet and just the two of us...

I am thinking that if Tracy comes home tomorrow or Saturday that he will have to spray the front yard for weeds again. He sprayed the day after he mowed and the bottle said to spray 2-3 days before or after mowing. So no mowing this weekend as the grass hasn't grown too much this week and he can spray. We have got to rid of of the dandelions, the clover and all the other weeds that I have no idea what they are. My grass won't get good and established until the weeds are gone and the grass has room to grow.

I am also thinking we are going to rent a tiller for the backyard so we can get our vegetable garden planted. Tracy's father-in-law does have a tiller so maybe we can save some money by borrowing his if it still works. After the garden area is tilled, we will have to rake all the weeds out of the area. I can put them in the compost bin. Then maybe I can get busy planting my vegetable seeds!

I have gone through the house and picked up all the empty bottles that were laying around and got them rinsed out and crushed and out in the recycle bin for next week. I have gone through magazines like crazy and put a bunch in the other recycle bin. Those poor people will have their hands full as I am going through a bunch of my stuff for a yard sale!

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